Lakeview Estate, Moama - Stage 1

Project: Lakeview Estate, Moama - Stage 1
Client: KPD Perricoota Pty Ltd
Responsible Authority: Murray Shire
Construction Contractor: Dunlop and Pitson Earthmoving
Timeframe: 2006
Location: Perricoota Road, Moama - 2Km west of the Moama township and within 500m of the Murray River.

Project Description:

Stage One is 15 lots of a proposed low density residential development (average 2,000m 2 ) which will ultimately yield approximately 160 allotments. This initial stage included the construction of the dual carriage entrance road and ornamental lake.

Services Provided:

Planning, engineering design, works supervision, survey setout, contract administration and project management.

Note: The subject property is located within the expanding Moama West area which Council has prioritised for future development. The Murray Shire is currently reviewing their planning scheme and this property is now recommended to be rezoned for normal residential development.